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Welcome to the orthodontic practice of Robert L. Orr, D.D.S., M.S.D. We are looking forward to getting to know you, and we want you to know us and understand what is unique about our practice. 

 Our Treatment Philosophy

"Do the right thing at the right time and do not do too much too soon"

The best time to intercept developing malocclusions is between the ages of eight and nine; earlier if there are obvious problems such as severe crowding, spacing, or crossbites. By starting at this time, we get a head start on heading off problems. This sets your child up for positive and healthy dental development before the teeth settle into their permanent placement. This does not mean placing braces, but it does mean getting an early start on diagnosing the problem when some simple guidance can minimize the developing problem.
Our goal is to get our patients on a path of normal dental development with teeth in a proper path of eruption . . and to do this effectively, efficiently, and cost effectively at the right time with stable results.


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 Office Hours & Appointments

Summer hours start at 7:30a.m.and winter hours 7:00 a.m. days vary. Appointments may be made by calling our office at (970) 243-1532. If emergency care is required during times other than regular office hours, a call to our office phone will give you information as to how the doctor can be reached.
Most appointments must be scheduled during school hours as 90% of our patients are school age. This enables us to plan treatment so that services may be rendered in the most effective sequence.

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Within Grand Junction

Outside of Grand Junction

500 Patterson Road
Grand Junction, Colorado 81506
(970) 243-1532
In Colorado (800) 261-1532
FAX: (970) 243-1541

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 Tour Our Office
Welcome to our office! Turn into our parking lot and find a spot!

Picture of Sign as you drive up

 Picture of the outside of the building
With the Bookcliffs for a background, even a gloomy day is pretty! Come on inside, we're waiting for you!

 Front Desk
Sign in with Janet, and make yourself comfortable
in our reception area

 Waiting Room ViewWaiting Room Pictures
Help yourself to some tea or coffee, or just enjoy the view! See if someone you know just got their braces on or off.

 Consultation RoomActual results Case
It's your turn .. we'll have a consultation and show you real live results!

 View of the Monument
Unless you go to the Monument, the best view in Grand Junction is through our windows at Grand Junction Orthodontics!

View of the horses

This serene view is from our open-bay treatment room. Watch the horses while you get your braces adjusted.
Office View in Fall
The Fall colors are beautiful, and so are the Broncos!
Office view early snow
The first early fall snow of the year......
Office View Winter
Late fall, Winter is setting in

Office View January
SuperBowl Champions! January 1998 and 1999
Office View Spring snow
Spring Snow
Office view early summer
Early Summer

 Graduation Day
Graduation Day! We'll sing you a song to celebrate :

(press the "play" button to listen. This looks like
an arrow pointing to the right, or stop by pressing the button that
resembles a square box)

Sign the Wall
And sign our wall to commemorate completing your braces!

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