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Wilckodontics Fixed Lower RetainersArchwires Before and After

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This relatively new procedure has been used by Dr. Orr for quite a few years. The combination of a short treatment time enhanced by more stable bone around the teeth make it a great choice for patients who wish to have a beautiful smile in the quickest time possible. The Wilckodontics approach uses a periodontist in sync with an orthodontist, who together, plan the treatment and surgery. The patient will get records and begin traditional treatment with the orthodontist, afterwards a day surgery is required to soften the dense bone around the teeth. New bone (bone graft) is introduced into the area and after two weeks of "superhealing" the orthodontic wires are placed. The patients will be on an accelerated schedule to see the orthodontist every two weeks for the first 6 months. The time in braces depends on how much treatment is required, with most Wilckodontic patients being finished within a year of initial wires being placed.

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 Fixed Lower Retainers

We have tried all types of lower retainers over the years, because long-term retention of the lower teeth after orthodontic correction with braces is the key to preventing relapse and crowding of the lower teeth. Although the fixed banded lower anterior retainer is difficult to make and requires an expensive laboratory procedure, we have found it to be the best for durability, ease of care, and it needs minimal repairs. The price of this retainer is included in the original fee as is the upper retainer. It also does not get lost!!

Smile - retainer doesn't show!Close up Front retainerClose-up inside retainer
The fixed banded lower retainer is "an oldie, but goodie".

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Many of the archwires now used for orthodontic treatment were developed from metals originally designed for the antennae that could be rolled into coils for the spacecraft used in the moon walk by astronauts in the 1960's. These metals have been constantly upgraded for use in orthodontic wires and also in eyeglass frames. We are currently using a fifth generation of archwire design, and they reduce the amount of soreness that develops when moving teeth -- parents may remember some of this soreness! These wires also allow longer time intervals between adjustments because of their gentle and longer-lasting pressures.

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Patient before and after results

Before Ortho Treatment

 Right Side Before Face  Smile Before  Relaxed face Before
 Close-up front smile before  Close-up right side smile before  Close-up left smile before

Patient: Jackie
Age: 13 yrs 7 mos

 closeup inside bottom smile before
After Ortho Treatment

 Right Side After Face  Smile After  Relaxed face After
 Close-up right side smile after  Close-up front smile after  Close-up left smile after
 close-up inside top smile after
Patient: Jackie
Age: 17 yrs 2 mos
 closeup inside bottom smile after

Just recently this patient came in, 10 years after treatment, her teeth still look great!

This is what good orthodontic treatment can accomplish for you.

Being able to accomplish results like this is why Dr. Orr and the staff at Grand Junction Orthodontics love their work!

Thank you for touring our web site.

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